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Asarigani roll
Chopped giant Qiwi mussels baked with Maasdam cheese, masago caviar, kimchi sauce, green onions with Unagi sauce and placed on a pedestal of roll with the first phalanx of King crab, cream cheese and avocado
Kaiso roll
Smoked salmon with pickled Chuka seaweed and spicy sauce served in sesame seeds
Akai Boshi roll
Cap of salmon fillet marinated in soy sauce and kimchi sauce with red caviar tobiko is placed on a pedestal of roll with tomato, avocado and cucumber
Nashikiro tempura
An exclusive roll without rice, deep-fried with sea bass, smoked salmon, tomato and arugula. Served with signature dark sauce
Roll Akabito
Salmon marinated in a spicy red marinade, with soft crab and soft cream cheese
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