Delivery in Murmansk:
RU 0
Set №1
Hand-roll with spicy salmon, baked rolls Kai №1, sushi: yellowtail fish, clam, scallop
1 090
Set №2
Philadelphia roll with eel, Hand-roll with crab, baked sushi: yellowtail fish, octopus, salmon, scallop
1 290
Large set
½ Classic Philadelphia roll, ½ Phil.with eel, ½ California roll, ½ Califronia roll with tobiko,½ roll with salmon, avocado and cucumber, ½ Alaska roll; sushi: yellowtail fish, grouper, red caviar,Spicy sushi: tuna, yellowtail fish, salmon,Baked sushi: scallop, eel, tuna
3 190
Baked set
Roll with salmon avocado and cucumber, sushi 2 pieces: salmon, tuna, yellowtail fish, tiger shrimp, grouper;2 spicy sushi with crab
1 190
Set with Dragon
Dragon Roll, roll with spicy grouper, roll Kai №5, sushi 2pcs.: crab, salmon, scallops, seaweed; baked sushi 2pcs.: eel, octopus, shrimp
3 890
Spicy set
Roll with spicy salmon, spicy sushi: scallop, yellowtail fish, salmon, eel, shrimp
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